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Politicians, dignitaries and prominent people in business, academia, and entertainment are symbols of power and wealth. Unfortunately, their profile and high visibility make them likely targets of disgruntled employees, psychotic admirers, terrorists and criminals.

The dynamic dignitary protection environment is one of the most challenging to operate in. Sudden route changes, unplanned public contact, unsecured structures, crowded lines of fire, and the possibility of suspects hiding within, make it a complex task.

Preventing a committed assailants bent on self-destruction from harming a client requires specific preparation and advanced tactical and security training. There is no room for compromise when survival and security is at risk. Much of the non-government executive / dignitary protection training available in the private sector has yet to be validated by actual events or qualified instructors.

The goal of the Executive Protection Specialist is to provide clients with the ability to commute, work, and live in a peaceful environment with the least impact on privacy and freedom of operations. This task becomes increasingly difficult when faced with the growing threats of terrorism and transnational crime. Our intensive, hands-on training course addresses the realities of executive protection, travel security, and corporate anti-terrorism in a no-nonsense and concise format. Taught by seasoned professionals, this reality-based course provides proven solutions at a cost effective price.


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