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Program Descriptions

Our Dignitary Protection Officer (DPO) training program focuses on the realities of the job and teaches executive / dignitary protection and security in a no-nonsense format.

Course participants learn the following:

  • Threat information collection, how to conduct route survey, plan for corporate event / meetings and how to apply effective counter surveillance.
  • Case studies of assassination attempts and terrorist attacks are covered in details with kidnapping avoidance and ambush countermeasures.
  • Threat recognition and explosive device detection and response are explicitly addressed.
  • Protective formation, motorcades, route survey / planning and evasive driving.
  • Proven unarmed combat tactics are practice hands-on together with live fire safe-selective-shooting and evacuation drills.

We offer a companion course on personal safety and travel security for training executives, dignitaries, celebrities and high net worth individuals in prevention and protection against the most common threats inherent to international business and the jet setting lifestyle.

This is a highly acclaimed program that has been featured on the Travel Channel.

For more information please check: http://www.corporatesafety.com/e01.htm










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